When you start out a project, you usually have an idea of what you want to accomplish – enlarge a kitchen, add an addition, create new purposeful space. Very often, you’re not sure how to arrange the space, change spaces, and add spaces that work together for what you want to accomplish. Also, you want to see how it looks in two and three dimensions, before you begin. That’s where Thomson Architects really helped us. Without them, we would not have gotten the best outcome.

Very often, new home construction or additions provide space but not much character or appeal. Whatever you’re doing, you want it to look good, inside and out – questions about style changes, functional changes, distinctiveness, and balance and proportion of all spaces. Thomson Architects provided answers to us for all those things, while being prompt with all appointments and commitments.
— Hopkinton Resident

I want to pass a long a quick thanks for helping us remodel our house. We are THRILLED with the design – it makes me really appreciate what you do as an architect. We have gotten numerous compliments on how nice it looks, and how well proportioned and nicely it fits in with the original house. While we are not quite done, the space and sizing on the inside feel wonderful and we love the way it looks on the exterior.
— Garry, Client